If you are looking at the first symptoms of athlete’s foot or it is in advanced stages this medication will be a savior. Come for our antifungal medicine to stop the spread of athlete’s foot infection on your foot’s skin and toes.

About Us

Hey I’m Dr Lionel Dusty a licensed skin doctor and co-owner of Simply Brilliant Care where we help you have a comfortable skin safe from all the notorious skin infections. Some infections like the athlete’s feet are contagious and it is prudent that you seek medication real quick to avoid infecting family and friends. We have extremely efficient antifungal medicines that will slow the spread of the fungus killing it gradually. 


our antifungal diminishes skin itchiness caused by the infection .

Quick Results

- despite not instantaneous, it take a shorter while for effects of the treatment to be noticeable.


we help you avoid being infected in future because the infection is contagious.


our creams do not cause any side effects to your skin .

What People Say

The athlete’s foot infection was spreading to my toes and it was feeling quite uncomfortable. I was treated with antifungal creams at Simply Brilliant Care’s comfort set in on my second day, the itchiness stopped, blisters dried and in a week I had my skin back! 

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